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Courtesy: Arkipelago Divers

BlueTalks was born out of a simple yet profound realisation​

Informed travellers can make a substantial impact on conservation efforts. Our goal was to craft an accessible platform where the importance of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and coral reef ecosystems could be communicated by those deeply involved in environmental work. This initiative is designed to transform the curiosity of travellers into knowledge and their interest into advocacy.

Courtesy: Reef Haven Dive Shop

Courtesy: LaLaguna Villas


Enhancing guest experience​

We acknowledged that while many tourists are eager to contribute to the regions they visit, they often lack the means to do so effectively. BlueTalks bridges this gap by providing a structured program through which partner resorts and dive shops can host informative sessions. These presentations not only shed light on the critical role of MPAs but also reveal the meticulous, often unseen, efforts to maintain these ecological sanctuaries.

The creation of BlueTalks also serves a dual purpose: alongside fostering environmental stewardship, it equips our partner resorts with an invaluable tool to enhance their guest experience. In these gatherings, guests are not mere spectators; they are invited to participe in a larger dialogue about conservation, community well-being, and sustainable tourism.


We envision BlueTalks to be a spark​

We believe BlueTalks to be an initiator of conversation and action that leads to enduring support for our planet’s marine habitats. By engaging with this initiative, resorts and dive shops offer their guests a chance to be part of something that lasts well beyond their stay: a sustained commitment to the preservation and health of our oceans.

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