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Stand alongside a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about exploring and protecting the marine diversity and community livelihoods alongside the Verde Island Passage

Become a sea’tizen

Gather with us in the pursuit of protecting our oceans. Learn how your contributions aid in marine conservation, community development, and research. Discover our partner resorts and dive shops who collaborate with us to make a positive impact on the environment and local communities, particularly our Conservation Contributors who have elected to support Blue Alliance Philippines through their business.

Acquaint yourself with our BlueTalks initiative, a platform for raising traveller awareness about the importance of Marine Protected Areas and coral reef ecosystems, enhancing their experience and fostering environmental stewardship.

Get the people and organisations closest to you to support wildlife conservation and community livelihoods in North Mindoro by starting your own fundraiser.


Where you donations go

Learn how your contributions are directly channeled into crucial marine conservation efforts, the development of local communities, and the advancement of scientific research.

Discover the real-world impact your support has in fostering a sustainable environment and community in North Mindoro.


Meet our Conservation Contributors

Resorts and dive shops in North Mindoro, acknowledged as Conservation Contributors, have committed to supporting Blue Alliance Philippines through their business operations.

For travellers, patronising these businesses provides an opportunity to directly aid an independent non-profit organisation focused on local marine protection.

This ensures your travel choice not only offers personal satisfaction but also contributes significantly to sustaining marine conservation efforts.


Our partner resorts and dive shops

Discover the rustic charm and commitment of our travel partners in North Mindoro through our showcase of resorts and dive shops. We connect you with businesses that are dedicated to environmental and community sustainability by supporting Blue Alliance Philippines.

Enhance your travel experience by choosing resorts and dive operators who value conservation and responsible tourism.


Discover BlueTalks

Our BlueTalks initiative are educational discussions designed to enlighten and engage travellers on the importance of Marine Protected Areas and coral reef ecosystems.

We provide an insight to the various aspects of marine conservation, aiming to enhance the understanding and experience of travellers, while fostering a sense of environmental stewardship.

It’s an opportunity for visitors to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of the marine environment, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible approach to tourism.


Start a fundraiser

Dive Mindoro’s “Start a Fundraiser” platform empowers you to make a meaningful difference in marine conservation.

This platform is an avenue for passionate individuals to rally support for Marine Protected Areas, contributing to the sustainability of marine ecosystems and local communities in North Mindoro.

It’s an invitation to become an active part of a larger movement dedicated to preserving our oceans.


Offset your Carbon Emissions

To facilitate carbon offsetting, we’ve partnered with Tree Nation. This collaboration not only aims at combating climate change but also addresses deforestation and aids local communities.

Through Tree Nation, you can engage in planting trees to neutralise your carbon footprint, and we’ve established a dedicated platform for you to contribute to our collective ‘Forest Impact’ by purchasing trees.

Uniting for Marine Conservation and Community Engagement

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