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The epicentre of global marine biodiversity

We passionately believe that promoting and creating a positive impact through tourism will benefit the Marine Protected Areas of North Mindoro and the Verde Island Passage for generations to come.

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Dive into the heart of North Mindoro and the Verde Island Passages’ underwater splendour — Explore responsible resorts and dive shops, discover breathtaking dive sites in Puerto Galera and Verde Island, learn about Mindoro’s emerging dive destination, the islands of Calapan, and learn how to become a citizen scientist to aid in marine conservation.

We offer a unique perspective and essential information for both novice and experienced divers eager to contribute to the protection of marine life and the support of local communities during their dive vacation.

Discover a deeper understanding of marine ecosystems, and the role you can play in protecting them.


Embark on an educational journey to deepen your understanding of marine conservation and responsible tourism — Discover the significance of Marine Protected Areas, delve into the crucial role of coral reef ecosystems in marine biodiversity, and explore the vital contribution of science in sustaining these delicate habitats. Additionally, learn about the socio-economic impact of Marine Protected Areas on local communities and gain practical knowledge on how to engage in responsible tourism practices within these precious marine environments.


Anchor yourself in our community — Learn where your generous donations are utilised, and meet the passionate resort and dive shops who are making a difference through their business model, or find out how you can actively contribute to these efforts by starting your own fundraiser — Become an integral part of our mission to protect and preserve our oceans.

Wondering where to stay in Mindoro? Meet our Conservation Contributors

A Conservation Contributor is a resort or dive shop in North Mindoro that has chosen to show a genuine commitment to Marine Protected Areas by assisting with the funding of Blue Alliance Philippines through their business model — Simply by choosing these resorts, you can leverage your stay to make a direct contribute to conservation.

About Us

Blue Alliance is dedicated to creating and managing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) with the goal of regenerating coral reef ecosystems and improving the lives of local communities.

Our approach involves rewilding ecosystems to boost biodiversity, enhance food security, and bolster climate resilience — By partnering with local communities, we ensure that our conservation efforts deliver long-term ecological and economic benefits.

We address the marine conservation financing gap by developing innovative Reef Positive businesses in sustainable aquaculture, ecotourism and blue carbon to create sustainable long-term revenue streams for MPA management and protection.

Additionally, we support policy development, capacity building, and scientific research to promote effective and sustainable marine conservation practices.

Our holistic strategy aims to balance ecological health with human prosperity, fostering a future where marine environments and local communities thrive together.

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