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Citizen Science for Marine Turtle Conservation

Partnering with Internet of Turtles to Make a Difference in North Oriental Mindoro


Partnering with Internet of Turtles to make a difference in North Oriental Mindoro

Discover the fascinating world of Sea Turtle research and make a meaningful impact. By helping us capture turtle images and information, you contribute to a global initiative that utilizes advanced computer vision software. Learn how your photographs help identify individual turtles, track populations, and protect these incredible creatures.

Who is this turtle? We need you!

© Pedro Magsino

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What is Internet of Turtles?

Internet of Turtles is an innovative project that brings together technology, citizen science, and conservation research to protect marine turtle populations. It addresses the challenges we face in understanding turtle populations and monitoring their long-term trends.

Traditional methods of identifying turtles have limitations, and there is a need for a global database of information about their habitats — We are proud to partner with Internet of Turtles in North Oriental Mindoro, collaborating to collect data and contribute to this important initiative.


How does Internet of Turtles work?

Internet of Turtles utilises a computer-assisted photo identification system developed by that can quickly recognise individual turtles.

The powerful algorithm that analyses these photographs is known as Hotspotter. It analyses the textures in an image to find distinct patterning, and then compares those against other images in the database to produce a match or create a new record.

Internet of Turtles combines data analytics and individual animal tracking to provide valuable insights into demographics, species distributions, individual interactions, and movement patterns.

To be successful, the system relies on the contributions of citizens scientists like you.

Top tips for photographing turtles

The software relies on the turtle’s head pattern for identification, so a clear side profile (of both sides where possible) is best. While angled or slightly blurry images can still be useful, a well-captured side shot is preferred. High resolution is not necessary, but it can be helpful. If you can clearly see the head pattern and believe you could recognise the same turtle in another picture, the software likely can too. Remember to gather as much additional information as possible, particularly the date and location of the sighting, to assist in tracking individuals and populations.

© Pedro Magsino


Why is Internet of Turtles important?

Internet of Turtles plays a vital role in marine turtle conservation efforts. By helping us collect and sharing data for turtles in North Oriental Mindoro, you contribute to the global understanding of turtle populations and guide conservation initiatives. Our partnership with Internet of Turtles helps bridge the gap between science, conservation, and tourism. Together, we can actively participate in the preservation of marine turtles and their habitats.


How you can help us collect data for Internet of Turtles

If you’re passionate about marine conservation and want to make a real impact on the protection of these incredible creatures, you can help us collect valuable data for Internet of Turtles. Here’s how you can contribute:

1. Photograph and report turtle sightings

Whenever you encounter a turtle, whether it’s on the beach or in the water, take clear photographs of its side profiles, capturing the patterns on its head. Submit these photographs here, along with additional information about the date, location, and any other relevant details you managed to gather, simply follow the prompts in the submission form.

2. Spread the word about Internet of Turtles

Share information about our partnership with Internet of Turtles in North Oriental Mindoro. Encourage fellow travellers to participate in data collection efforts. By raising awareness, we can expand the reach of our partnership and make an even greater impact on the conservation of marine turtles. 

3. Learn more about marine turtles

Educate yourself about the different species of marine turtles, their behaviours, and their habitats. The more knowledge you gain, the better equipped you’ll be to contribute meaningfully to our data collection efforts as part of our collaboration with the Internet of Turtles.

Through our partnership with Internet of Turtles, and your citizen science contributions, we can make a significant difference in the conservation of marine turtles. By helping us collect data, you actively participate in the global effort to protect these remarkable creatures for generations to come. Join us in this exciting journey of discovery and conservation. Your actions can help ensure a brighter future for marine turtles and our planet.


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