The Verde Island Passage

Embark on a scuba diving adventure alongside the spectacular Verde Island Passage. This “Amazon of the Sea,” boasts astonishing marine diversity, offering divers unparalleled experiences amidst vibrant coral gardens and a rich array of marine life.

Make a positive environmental impact through your travel choices

North Mindoro in the Philippines is a prime destination for awe-inspiring underwater adventures. Nestled along the biodiverse Verde Island Passage, often hailed as the ‘centre of the centre of marine biodiversity’, it offers unique scuba diving experiences.

Puerto Galera and Verde Island feature some of the best dive sites, showcasing mesmerising coral gardens and vibrant marine life. Divers can enjoy thrilling drift dives, wreck explorations, and encounters with captivating macro wonders. Additionally, the emerging dive destination of the Islands of Calapan offers tranquil and exclusive diving experiences amidst boulder corals and sea fans.

In Puerto Galera, select resorts and dive shops collaborate closely with Blue Alliance Philippines to support marine biodiversity and promote sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities. These partners actively support our Citizen Science initiatives, host informative BlueTalk sessions on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), and assist in fundraising for long-term MPA support.

North Mindoro is an exceptional choice for eco-conscious scuba diving enthusiasts seeking both adventure and the opportunity to make a positive impact through their travel choices.

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Our Partner Resorts and Dive Shops

We have partnered with a select group of resorts and dive shops in the region, specifically in Puerto Galera and surrounding areas. These partners have committed to working with us in supporting Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and local communities.

Their dedication extends beyond offering exceptional diving experiences; it encompasses a commitment to supporting Blue Alliance Philippines in Marine Protected Area management and protection.

Visit for an extraordinary adventure in one of the Philippines’ most beautiful and ecologically significant regions, where a conscious travel choice contributes to meaningful environmental and community support.


Uncover the Best Dive Sites in Puerto Galera & Verde Island

Explore the underwater marvels of Puerto Galera and Verde Island, known for their exceptional dive sites in the Philippines. Here, the stunning marine diversity of the Verde Island Passage awaits, offering a range of awe-inspiring underwater experiences. Dive into vibrant coral gardens and encounter majestic marine life, unveiling the true beauty and unparalleled adventure of scuba diving in this remarkable region.


Must-See Marine Wildlife of the Verde Island Passage

The marine environments of North Mindoro and the Verde Island Passage are alive with a diverse collection of marine species, each contributing significantly to the ecological balance and health of their habitats.

Species range from the elegantly swimming Green Sea Turtle to the adeptly disguised Clown Frogfish, with every organism adding its own unique value to the ecosystem’s diversity and stability.

Yet, these vital species are confronted with numerous challenges that threaten their existence and the well-being of their natural surroundings. Recognising the critical roles, iconic nature, and susceptibilities of these organisms is essential for mobilising protective measures for them and the complex ecosystems they call home.


Contribute To Our Marine Research On Vacation

Embrace the role of a citizen scientist on your diving holiday in North Mindoro, Philippines. This opportunity allows you to contribute to vital marine conservation efforts while exploring the vibrant ecosystem.

It’s an adventure that goes beyond diving, offering a deeper connection with the ocean and a meaningful impact on its preservation. Join us in this unique blend of exploration and environmental stewardship


Oriental Mindoro's newest dive destination

Discover the enchanting islands of Calapan in Oriental Mindoro, a fresh and exciting addition to the Philippines’ diving scene.

These islands offer a unique blend of tranquil, exclusive diving experiences against a backdrop of stunning boulder corals, expansive sea fans, and intriguing mini-walls.

Perfect for divers of all levels, Calapan’s islands promise a diverse range of diving adventures, from serene spots for beginners to challenging explorations for the experienced.


Responsible Tourism In Marine Protected Areas

Embark on a journey to understand responsible tourism in Marine Protected Areas. You will learn about eco-friendly practices while snorkelling, diving, and boating, ensuring minimal disturbance to marine life.

The guide also offers insights into making sustainable seafood choices and avoiding harmful souvenirs, highlighting the significant impact of tourist activities on marine ecosystems and local communities.

Sea the world. Differently.

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