Sustainable Travel When Scuba Diving

Offsetting Your Carbon Emissions

We’ve collaborated with Tree Nation to combat climate change, address deforestation and aid local communities — Neutralise your travel carbon footprint by planting trees.


Travelling to Scuba Dive & Carbon Emissions

We are passionate about exploring the wonders of aquatic realms, both above and beneath the waves. However, for many of us who don’t reside in prime diving locales like North Mindoro, reaching our cherished dive spots necessitates travel.

Travel, unfortunately, is not without its environmental footprint. From flights to hotel stays, boat rides to the use of compressors for filling scuba tanks, each step contributes to carbon emissions.

Tourism alone accounts for approximately 8% of global carbon emissions, marking it as a significant factor in climate change. This, in turn, leads to rising ocean temperatures, posing a grave threat to critically important coral reefs ecosystems.


The Carbon Footprint of Travel

Understanding the carbon impact of our travel is easier than ever with a variety of online calculators available.

Calculators aside, a round-trip economy flight from cities like Paris to Manila, for instance, generates around 1500kg of carbon per person. This figure quadruples for business class travel.

Additional activities, such as driving, boating, and using compressors to fill scuba tanks, can add approximately 250-350kg of carbon over a week.


Understanding Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is a strategy to counterbalance the emissions generated during our adventures. This is achieved by investing in projects that reduce or remove an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases elsewhere.


How to Offset Your Carbon

To facilitate carbon offsetting, we’ve partnered with Tree Nation. This collaboration not only aims at combating climate change but also addresses deforestation and aids local communities.

Through Tree Nation, you can engage in planting trees to neutralise your carbon footprint — To do this, we’ve established a dedicated platform where you can plant (purchase) trees and contribute to our collective ‘Forest Impact’ — Click the [Offset my Carbon] button to get started.

How many trees does it take?

The offset impact of a tree varies, depending on its species, location and lifetime. The tree planting options offered through Tree Nation offset anywhere from 10kg to over 200kg of carbon emissions per planted tree.

The choice is yours

When considering carbon offsetting, you’re presented with two choices:

  1. Precisely calculate your emissions and offset them accordingly, or
  2. Make a general contribution towards carbon offsetting based on your budget and commitment to environmental conservation, every bit helps!

Offset your Carbon Emissions

To participate, click the button below and navigate the straightforward process to select, purchase, and plant your trees.

This is a Net Zero website, designed to be environmentally conscious. Site usage is monitored through Tree Nation to gauge its carbon footprint and trees are planted to offset these emissions.

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