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Contribute to Marine Research in North Mindoro

Embrace your passion for the ocean by becoming a citizen scientist during your holiday in North Mindoro, alongside the Verde Island Passage. Explore and contribute to our understanding of its precious marine life.


What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science involves the participation of the public in scientific research. Specialists design the programs, then volunteers like you contribute by collecting data, enhancing our collective knowledge. This practice is particularly crucial for long-term monitoring of MPAs like the ones in North Mindoro, alongside the Verde Island Passage,  where resources can be limited. With your help, we can gather more data more quickly, enabling us to develop more effective and long-lasting solutions for marine conservation.

The accuracy of the data collected is of utmost importance in citizen science. Therefore, we employ standardised methods ensuring compatibility with our database, regardless of the data collector. Our data collection methods are designed to be straightforward and accessible for everyone, regardless of previous scientific experience.

By participating in citizen science, you’ll engage in vital conservation work, gain a deeper understanding of the areas you’re exploring and the species inhabiting them. It’s not just about contributing to high-quality data for better MPA management decisions; it’s also a fascinating and fun part of your holiday adventure! 

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How will I be contributing to scientific progress in the MPA?

The conservation and management of our marine protected areas for future generations hinge on high-quality data. With your participation, we can gather more data, more frequently. Your contribution to marine conservation will increase our knowledge about the ecosystems we aim to protect.

Citizen science is a cost-effective way to amplify the scope of a project compared to traditional research methods. This approach allows us to gather more information for less, making your involvement invaluable. In fact, without citizen scientists like you, some crucial data might remain uncollected due to time and financial constraints.

As participants in our citizen science programs, tourists like you will leave with a deep understanding of why we strive to protect our marine ecosystems. You’ll become ambassadors for reef conservation when you return home, and your participation will serve as a meaningful way to give back to this beautiful destination.


What sort of projects can I participate in?

Our experts’ pinpoint areas of research that require your assistance as a citizen scientist. Often, you’ll be aiding us in studying our Iconic, Keystone, or Threatened species, or monitoring a specific habitat or location.

Research areas range from understanding interactions between animals and their habitats, studying their behaviours, to monitoring population statuses.

Habitat-focused projects can include monitoring vibrant coral reefs and associated fish species, examining coral recruitment patterns, investigating endemic species, tracking turtles and reporting on shark sightings. The nature of your involvement depends on current research priorities, making each experience unique and impactful.


Active citizen science projects

Collecting data, creating change! We need you!

Turtle monitoring

Discover the fascinating world of Sea Turtle research and make a meaningful impact. By helping us capture turtle images and information, you contribute to a global initiative that utilizes advanced computer vision software.
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Shark monitoring

Step into the intriguing domain of shark research and make a significant contribution. By aiding in the capture of shark images and details, you’re playing a part in a worldwide initiative that employs state-of-the-art computer vision software.
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Crown of Thorns Outbreaks

Crown of Thorns are a natural part of coral ecosystems at lower densities, but outbreaks of these starfish can lead to significant damage and declines in coral cover.
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