Reef Haven Dive Centre


About Reef Haven Dive Centre

Reef Haven Dive Centre is situated in the picturesque Muelle Port of Puerto Galera. Owned and operated by a passionate team of women, the shop is committed to providing not just safety and enjoyment, but also enriching learning experiences to its visitors.

The shop’s appeal can be attributed to various key factors that distinguish it from the rest. With access to Puerto Galera’s renowned diving sites Reef Haven offers a truly world-class diving experience. This level of excellence is maintained by a group of certified and experienced female dive professionals who share an immense enthusiasm for diving.

What sets Reef Haven Dive Centre apart is its active involvement in marine conservation. However, their dedication goes beyond just adventure. Reef Haven embraces an inclusive philosophy, creating a welcoming atmosphere that advocates for gender equality within the diving community. Their commitment to both environmental awareness and community support is evident through sustainable practices and contributing to local environmental and community based organisations.

Reef Haven firmly believes that scuba diving holds the potential to bring about positive change. You’re invited to join their mission in preserving the oceans and uplifting local communities. All the while, you’ll embark on a captivating journey to uncover the beauty that lies beneath the waves.

What Reef Haven Dive Shop Offers

Reef Haven Dive Centre presents a comprehensive array of offerings that cater to divers of all levels.

Open Water Diver Certification: Aspiring divers can embark on their scuba journey confidently through Reef Haven’s Open Water Diver course, designed to equip participants with fundamental underwater skills.

Advanced Open Water Diver Certification: Building upon foundational training, the Advanced Open Water Diver course enhances diving skills and introduces advanced techniques.

Nitrox Diving: Extend underwater excursions with Nitrox, a specialised gas blend that allows for longer dive times and reduced decompression risk.

Wreck Diving: Enthusiasts of maritime history can explore Puerto Galera’s captivating wreck sites, offering a unique adventure for experienced divers.

Muck Diving: Discover the mysteries of shallow, sandy habitats through muck diving, uncovering a diverse range of marine life often hidden in these environments.

Night Diving: Witness the enchanting transformation of the underwater world at night, gaining a fresh perspective on marine life and its behaviours.

Women’s Dive Days: Reef Haven Dive Centre hosts regular women’s dive days, providing a platform for camaraderie and empowerment in an inclusive setting open to divers of all genders.

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